A properly organized and designed office is so much more than just a pleasing place to do work – it improves efficiency, boosts morale, and makes it a lot easier for folks to come to work, challenge themselves, and accomplish things that they simply wouldn’t have been able to accomplish otherwise.

Take advantage of these 12 tips below to improve the functionality and design of your office almost instantly!

Keep pathways clear

One of the most transformative things you can do in your office is to really think about how people move from one space to another and then create pathways that are crystal-clear and flow effortlessly. You’d be surprised at just how much this subtle change can transform things.

Clean your desk

A cluttered desk is often a sign of a cluttered mind, which is why you’re going to want to do absolutely everything you can to “level your playing field” and keep your desk as plain and as clean as humanly possible. This too will transform your ability to get work done instantly.

Organize things intelligently

It’s really, really easy to fall into the trend of just kind of throwing things here, there, and everywhere – especially if you are in an office that is very high-energy and very go-go. Take a little bit of time to better organize things intelligently, in trays and compartments, and you’ll find efficiency goes up.

Invest in quality equipment

If there is any component of office equipment that is holding you back, holding your team down, or putting obstacles in the way of your business efficiency and profitability you’ll need to upgrade and invest in better equipment ASAP.

This doesn’t just go for technology, either. We’re talking about desks, chairs, cubicles, and any other piece of office equipment that your staff may come in contact with.

Find smarter ways to group workspaces

Collaboration is critical when you are building a successful business today, and you’ll need to find as many ways as possible to create collaborative spaces that just kind of flow. Don’t be shy about experimenting with different layouts until you find something that works.

Improve the scenery

You may not be able to change the physical location of your office all that easily, but that doesn’t mean you can dress the place up and make it your own business oasis. Do everything you can to avoid the beige and taupe office hell that so many people are confined to.

Adjust chairs individually

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all kind of chair in the office. Everyone’s body type is different, everyone’s height and weight is different, and everyone is going to want to sit a different way. Adjust chairs individually and things will start to fall into place almost on their own.

Improve storage options

If your office is short on storage you’ll want to find ways – often creative ways – to improve the storage situation, improve storage capabilities, and make filing and recall as easy as possible.

Support office wide recycling initiatives

A program for recycling that is office wide is not only going to be great for the environment, but it’s also going to go a long way towards boosting morale in your office as well. Clutter will go down, trash amounts will go down as well, and the mood of everyone will go through the roof.

Clean your windows

No matter what, plenty of your employees are going to spend a ton of time looking out the window. You’ll want to make sure that they are as clean as possible and that they have something to look forward to outside, or at the very least dress the windows up so that they offer some kind of break from the indoors.

Changeup the way offices are laid out

Not only should the entire office layout be changed and transformed to improve efficiency, but you’ll also want to make sure that individual office and the way they are laid out are addressed as well. Each individual person can change their layout to best suit their needs, but it’s definitely something that should be encouraged.

A new coat of paint

It’s amazing to think of the significant impact that a single coat of paint can do to completely transform the way that interior spaces look and feel. Find the perfect shade of paint for your office and profitability, efficiency, and happiness will all be improved across the board!

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