Before investing in a particular sector, it is imperative to learn about the market situation of the sector. Concerning that of the Cleanliness, in spite of deceptive appearances, it is extremely promising. It is a dynamic sector that has evolved and is still progressing today. With more than 400,000 employees and a turnover of 10 billion Euros, hygiene & cleanliness remains a sector of future favorable to employment. It does provide about 15,000 jobs per year and 150,000 jobs are planned for the year 2015 alone. So there is no reason not to invest in this sector! Just follow some tips suggested by office cleaning Melbourne.

1-Knowing the different branches of the cleaning sector and the competition

Since the sector is much diversified, it is necessary to know the main branches before creating its company. Here are the different environments in which companies operate:

  • Classical cleanliness: offices, administrative premises, common areas of building.
  • Distribution  : retail, supermarkets …
  • Industry: agribusiness, automotive, nuclear …
  • Transport : bus, train stations, airports …
  • Health: hospitals, clinics, laboratories, retirement homes …
  • School environment
  • Hotel
  • Collective equipment 

Despite so much variety, the Waste Services sector does not include personal services, cleaning of public roads and waste management and recycling. So, after getting all this information about the business segments, you have to choose your specialty and if possible one that is growing in your area. An important detail before embarking on a project like this: we must study competition. From then on, many questions arise: who are the main competitors? What are the prices? What is the communication strategy? These questions must be answered before settling in order to predict precisely his finances.

For more information, visit the website of the federation of companies of Cleanliness and associated services  (FEP).

 2-Choosing the status of your company

Cleanliness always attracts self-entrepreneurs. In 2012, the number of business start-ups under this status has been steadily increasing from 5,905 to 6,495. Why are self-entrepreneurs so attracted to this activity? It is mainly the low barriers to entry that facilitate access to the profession. Nevertheless, it is harder for them to build something solid, and achieve a significant turnover (on average 7,000 euros in sales). Companies benefiting from another scheme (SARL, SAS, EURL …) are more likely to succeed. In general, whatever the status, factors affect the amount of turnover achieved as the segment Activity. For example,

3-Administrative procedures to be settled

Once the project has been validated, the funding found and the market studied, all that remains is to devote itself to the formalities of creating a company. It is a matter of declaring your activity and applying for registration in the SIRENE directory (held by INSEE) and with the Trade and Companies Register. Your only contact person to carry out your administrative procedures will be the CFE (Business Formalities Center). If you focus on creating a cleaning company, there are no specific occupational regulations. However, it is advisable to commit to a quality approach (ISO 9000 standard), which is necessary to capture markets in sensitive areas (hospitals, chemical plants, etc.). Furthermore, The Office of Professional Qualification of the Waste and Associated Companies (OQPEP) delivers qualitative certificates. Finally, choose the legal and tax status of your company in order to know the VAT rate applicable to the activity, as well as the method of taxing the profits made. As for the prices offered, they vary according to the company and depend on the service contract detailing the services.

4-The skills to be acquired

This may seem surprising but access to this occupation is free. No diploma is required and compulsory although there is a path from CAP to Bac + 5. Today, it is easy to find training in the professional cleaning sector like CQFD Formation. There are diploma courses such as the BEP option in the Occupations of hygiene, cleanliness and environment, the CAP in Maintenance and hygiene of the premises … They are useful to those who become a business leader in this sector!

5-Know how to diversify its activity

As the market is competitive, it is therefore important to offer ancillary services to maximize its offer. Please study the office cleaning services Melbourne before start working in this business. The hygiene and cleanliness trades can also be positioned on:

  • Process services  : mail management, handling, logistics, internal moves, inventory management, waste management, preparation of meeting rooms …
  • Services related to the maintenance of the building and its environment: green areas, technical maintenance of premises, small maintenance …

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