If you don’t currently use one, then you probably remember when your office had small, strip-cut shredders at each desk. Though convenient, these little machines are really no way to discard of confidential material, and they can land you in hot water with the law. Times have changed as we start to value security and privacy in an increasingly digital world, and commercial shredding is no different.

Today, consumers are protected by laws like PIPEDA (Personal Information and Electronic Data Act) and PHIPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act). These pieces of legislation stipulate any company that collects and uses personal information from their customers must do so in ways that prevent this data from being shared. These laws also ensure this information is stored and discarded in particular ways. If a company is found in contempt of the law, they face a significant fine in their future — not to mention a drop in sales as their reputation gets dragged in the mud for leaking personal information.

Both PIPEDA and PHIPA require that documents and electronic devices are destroyed properly before they are sent to a recycling facility. Small strip-cut shredders aren’t capable of the destruction needed in order to thwart thieves intent on finding information. Their blades only cut sheets in one direction, making it easy for those with time on their hands to match up the vertical strips and read the text.

When it comes to document destruction Toronto business owners would do will to outsource this task to a NAID-certified shredding services. These companies have received the appropriate training and experience in order to guarantee a thorough level of destruction each time. That’s because their fully bonded and vetted employees use the latest mobile shredding trucks equipped with blades capable of cross-cutting paper and digital devices. Once these documents pass through these blades, there’s no hope anyone can retrieve any information — even if they had 100 years to attempt the task.

Most shredding services Toronto business owners can secure come with a variety of services that can help with any amount of paper your company produces. With one-time purges, commercial shredding, electronic data destruction, and residential shredding services, they can help most people in the city. To find what works best for your schedule and output, check in with a representative and see what they suggest. As the experts in document destruction, they’ll be able to find the best product that works for your company.

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