How Much Personal Loan You Can Get in Singapore?

No matter how rich you are, money troubles are something that even rich people must deal with in life at some point, particularly in recent days. Instant cash disposal of personal loans from the best money lender is the ideal choice for solving emergency financial needs. 

Why you may need a personal loan?

When you are stuck with the financial needs, overwhelmed bills, and debt needs to be paid, you may need a personal loan. The money you saved may not enough to meet your present financial requirements; in those scenarios, a personal loan will be more helpful.

The most popular personal loan options are available to cash upfront for pre-planned or unplanned expenses or emergencies. Apply for the personal loan and re-pay it in easy installments based on the best repayment schedule.

Emergency Need of a Personal Loan

Personal loans are unsecured loans where the customer gets the loan instantly but the interest rates are higher than secured loans. Personal loan disbursals are fast but secured loan requires collateral that must be pledged as per the government norms.

Conversely, an unsecured loan needs a good credit score and credit history for the instant cash credit. It is important to maintain a good credit history for instant access to the loan.

A smart borrower always prefers a personal loan for emergency need and he plans to pre-close during excess cash flow.

Obtaining a personal loan

The customer can apply for a personal loan directly by approaching the bank. When you apply for the personal loan through an online app the customer and bank can save their time. The customer can apply to the loan at any time online even on Sundays.

It is difficult to approach the bank directly for a personal loan. As the bank working time and office working time are similar, it is difficult to take permission from the office and go to the bank for a direct approach. The same and similar process can be done online, which saves your time, money, and energy.


How to apply for a personal loan?

Here the money lender understands the need of the customer and thus Personal loan will be disposed to the customer in a matter of minutes. All the customer must do is just following these three steps.

Apply through online: Just log in to the Sign Pass account and the application form will be pre-filled automatically for the loan process. 

Check the results: After the pre-filling of the application form, the results will be sent to the registered mobile number in 8 minutes.

Collect the Loan: Once SMS is received, visit the lender directly to validate the details and collect the cash in your bank account.

How much Personal loan you can get in Singapore?

For foreigners:

If the annual incomes for foreigners are less than $10,000, then the customer is eligible for a loan of up to $500.

If the annual income is between $10,000 and $20,000 then he is eligible for a loan of up to $3,000.

For Singaporeans:

If the annual income is less than $20,000, the customer is eligible for a loan of up to $3,000.

If the annual income is at least $20,000, then the customer is eligible to avail 6 times your monthly income.

If the customer has an existing loan, as per the bank norms personal loan will be calculated. The multiple repayment options are available for a convenient cash re-payment schedule.

What documents to be submitted for loan application?

Personal loans are easy to get than you think. When you received SMS from the lender just submit the below documents for immediate disbursal of cash.

For employed:  The documents required are NRIC, Sing pass & 2FA and 3 months official computerised pay slip are needed.

For self-employed: The required documents are NRIC, Sing pass & 2FA are needed.

The interest rate for the personal loan

Nominal interest rates will be charged for the personal. When compared to the secured loan, the unsecured loan interest rates are quite high. Also for late payments, late interest fees will be charged additionally. So better avoid late payments.

Benefits of Personal loan

  • For any type of personal loan, the guarantor or asset is not required.
  • All Personal loansare unsecured loans, the loan cash will be disbursed in a matter of minutes.
  • For emergency, medical needs cash will be available in a matter of minutes that save one’s life.
  • An easy repayment schedule options are available to choose from. Think and choose your convenient re-payment type.
  • My info system app helps the customer to avail of the loan instantly. It helps with fast cash disbursal.
  • The pre-closing option is available that helps the customers to save their money and use it in emergency requirements.

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