5 Common Digital Marketing Misconceptions

Digital marketing is one of the most effective, and affordable ways to get your business out there. With the global power of the internet, digital marketing is essential to the consistent growth of your site and brand. Using the right digital marketing techniques, though, is a completely different story. This complexity puts a lot of sites and small businesses off digital marketing. But, this is just one of the many misconceptions about digital marketing among small business owners. To quell your worries, here are 5 myths about digital marketing, and the truths behind them. 

1. Social Media is a Lost Cause 

You may think there are too many social media sites out there, and that there’s no way to get your business recognition on all of them. It’s true that your competition probably will have social media, but so do billions of other people, and you can reach out to them. Instead of relying on search engines to bring people to your site, social media allows you to go to your customers. Great social media marketing does take some effort, but it offers a lot of rewards for your brand visibility. When a customer can see great content on your social media pages, they’re more likely to form a personal connection to your products. 

2. Only Big Businesses Use Digital Marketing

A lot of small business owners think that you need a large budget for digital marketing, and so it’s only an option for big businesses. There’s also a myth that digital marketing competition is much higher between small businesses. In fact, there’s nothing better than digital marketing to give all businesses, no matter their size, great opportunities on the internet. But, since big businesses are so well versed in digital marketing, you can take inspiration from their techniques. 

3. A Website is All the Digital Marketing I Need 

Your site is one of your most important digital marketing tools. However, it can only do so much on its own, and for the best results, exploring other options is a must. But don’t worry, once you’ve got your site optimised for search engines, you can really have fun with your digital marketing. For example, you could hold a giveaway for customers on your social media, or create a referral program to generate leads. There are so many ways to get your innovative business and brand out there, don’t just keep it trapped on one website. Get as many marketing website insights as possible.

4. E-mail Marketing Doesn’t Convert 

Because email marketing has been around for so long, a lot of small business owners tend to discount it. Actually, the belief that email marketing is useless couldn’t be further from the truth. Almost every single person who uses the internet has an email account, because it’s essential to sign up for sites. When visitors to your site choose to join your mailing list, that’s an immediate lead you can work on. Offering an incentive if people join your mailing list is a good step to take, but writing interesting content can be tricky. Email marketing requires a perfect hook in the subject line, and accurate and interesting information in the content.   

5. It’s Impossible to Rank on the First Page of Search Engines 

When it comes to SEO, a lot of people believe that if you’re not on the first page, you’re not going to get leads. It’s true that 75% of people won’t stray past the first few results. But, just because you’re not on the first page for a particular keyword or phrase, doesn’t mean you won’t be for another. With the help of a Dundee SEO agency, you can find out what keywords work for your business, implement a content strategy, and climb the rankings. Plus, the first page isn’t everything, and there are many other ways to generate leads that require just as much focus.