5 Most Expensive Real Estate Areas in Sunderland

Sunderland is one of the more affordable communities to purchase a home in the North East England. With an average price of £148.500, this is lower than average for the region. But if you are looking for something more luxurious, there are several places that offer sumptuous homes with plenty of amenities. What follows are the five most expensive real estate areas in Sunderland to purchase a home. The first three, Cleadon, Roker, and Whitburn which are in the SR6 postcode, all average a property price of nearly £436,000 for a quick hassle free property sale.


A suburban village with a population just over 5,000, Cleadon is about five miles from Sunderland proper and ten miles from nearby Newcastle. The village itself dates back over a thousand years with evidence of occupation during Roman times. Today, the village sports several parks and open areas, along with easy access to Sunderland and the surrounding communities.


Arguably the most stunning in the area, Roker is a seaside village that offers plenty of terraced and semi-detached homes. It is a popular tourist attraction thanks to Roker Beach and as the many hotels and exclusive apartments can attest. There are plenty of things to see and do in Roker, including excellent shopping. The most famous attraction is the annual Sunderland International Airshow which can easily be seen in Roker and normally takes place the last weekend in July.


Whitburn, Tyne and Wear is located between Sunderland and South Shields. It is a highly affluent area with an overall population of just over 5,000. The main attraction in Whitburn is its tranquil nature. Offering plenty of activities without being the tourist attraction of Roker or being quite as close to Sunderland as Cleadon.

The next two are in the SR3 postcode and have an average price of almost £220,000. Which is significantly less compared to the SR6 postcode, but these villages are experiencing substantial growth which is sure to drive the price up.


This village offers plenty of semi-detached housing that is growing exponentially thanks to its location, inherent beauty, and convenience. Moorside has become a popular pick thanks in large part to the general area which it is situated. Offering plenty of amenities, a good standard of living, and access to nearby attractions, Moorside is a growing, thriving community.


This former mining village can be two parts, the original town which has been in existence for many centuries. And the new, modern area often called New Silksworth which has expanded to the northwest of the original village. With a population of over 10,000, Silksworth offers good shopping, plenty of amenities and close access to the greater Sunderland area.

There are other locations in the SR3 and SR6 postcodes that offer solid real estate options for those willing to pay more. However, compared to many other areas in England, Sunderland is actually quite affordable for property cash buyers. Apart from the most expensive homes which may top £1 million, most of the luxury homes in this area are priced somewhat less than average in the UK.