All about Canadian Customs Brokers: The relevance for importers!

Importing & exporting goods into Canada may not be as easy as it seems on paper. It is absolutely necessary and important to keep up with the updated rules, regulations and compliance needs as set by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). For many importers, the whole process and rigmarole of understanding these complications can be hard, for which many prefer hiring a Canadian customs broker. The role of a customs broker extends beyond clearing a shipment. From getting help with Clearit ITN number to import a vehicle from the US, to discussing the various aspects of international trade, customs broker can be useful for many purposes and reasons.

Working with a customs broker

For the uninitiated, customs brokers in Canada are licensed by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). You can hire one for your company, and they will work with CBSA directly to get your shipments cleared. For instance, you need to apply for ITN/AES number before getting a car from the United States. Custom brokers take a small fee and complete the process in time, so that your car is cleared at the port of entry immediately. Many Canadian customs brokers work with clients in a personalized manner, to offer advice on various matters, including reducing risks of importing, saving on taxes and duties while being compliant, and how to deal appropriately with exporters of other countries.

Are all Canadian customs brokers same?

While the services offered by Canadian customs brokers are the same, expertise and experience may vary widely. You need a broker who can handle it all, including all kinds of shipments. They should have some experience in other governmental requirements, should help in understanding tariff treatments, and must be able to help with penalties & refunds. Many brokers are also very experienced with trade agreements, and they often help clients in managing AMPS compliance audits. Find a customs broker who is always accessible, and has a team that can work with your importing business around the clock. Any experience in your industry is always handy.

Final word

Working with customs brokers is a choice – There is no law that states that your need to hire one to import goods into Canada. Yet, smart importers prefer hiring customs brokers because they want to focus on what requires attention – their business. As and when they need help with selected matters, they can always get back to the customs broker for help and guidance, so that importing mistakes are avoided.