At Voriox Superior Customer Service is Top Mission

Looking for an order fulfillment company that focuses on the success and health of your business over everything else?

“Everything we do here encircles the bigger goal of helping our customers succeed” Voriox says on its website at “In fact, our very basis of existence is directly dependent on how our customers are doing their business.”

That philosophy undergirds the foundation of the company which knows that if its business clients fail, it also fails.

First-class value to business clients

To build long-term success, the company has established a customer service department whose entire emphasis is on making certain all its business clients, current or potential, receive a level customer service that is second to none.

The company does not just want to give acceptable customer service, it works aggressively each day to exceed expectations. And it continues to alter and improve the quality of services it offers.

Differing levels of customer service

At Voriox, business customers can count on personalized service available around the clock. Each business is assigned a dedicated personal account manager as soon as they have signed up for order fulfillment service.

The account managers act as guides during the first few weeks while the clients and their employees get to know the company and what services they can leverage. Business customers can also access the online Q&A guide should they need further help.

“A dedicated personal account manager ensures that customers get the personal attention they deserve and they are completely satisfied with our service,” the company says on its website at

At eFulfillment Service, business clients working with the order fulfillment company, are also assigned a dedicated account manager. The manager’s responsibilities also include guiding clients about their in-house operations to make operational improvements and marketplace expansion.

eFulfillment Service business clients can also get help with issues when they submit a ticket to the company’s client services team. Clients with routine fulfillment questions can also access the company provides a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on its website.

But at Shipwire, a logistics provider, business customers don’t get personal account managers. They have to contact on-site customer care experts when they need help. Business clients can also use the company’s cloud-based order and inventory management platform that offer online tools to customize and help scale their business operations.

ShipMonk offers what it calls the “Best-in-class Support.” And the third-party logistics and fulfillment provider says its “Happiness Engineers.” who are expertly trained in shipping and fulfillment services, are always available to help customers.

More ways customers get help

At Voriox, the customer service team is available around the clock to is available to deal with issues and answer question. Team members are accessible by phone and email. Business clients with an active plan can also submit a support ticket when they need help.

The company’s comprehensive Question & Answer website page is chock-full of useful information about the company’s operating. This allows business customers to leverage any service they improve their businesses. The list of the most commonly asked questions is a great reference for potential customers researching order fulfillment with Voriox.