For How Much Time Does TPMS Valve Stems Lasts?

TPMS Valve Stems Lasts

TPMS sensors have different parts, and each one plays its own role. One such part of this sensor is TPMS Valve Stem. This part of the TPMS sensor connects it with the rim. It is maybe made up of rubber or an aluminum clamp. Moreover, it is one of the essential devices used by most cars. It is located inside each tire of the car.

However, these sensors have a special link with tpms valve stems. The valve stems serve a special purpose in the TPMS system. These sensors last a long and can be repaired easily. But one can only repair the TPMS sensor once the tire is removed. Also, the TPMS sensor can be replaced with the TPMS Valve Stems.

What Is The Time Period OF TPMS Valve Stems?

TPMS sensors or TPMS valve stems are mostly equipped in cars. And this isn’t just a passing craze; it’s critical to have a system in place that can accurately monitor your tire pressure. This is because you must ensure that your tires are properly inflated each and every time you drive. It will keep you safe while you are driving your car. Also, it is evident that these valve stems can get easily damaged due to rough roads, debris, and even extreme weather conditions.

Moreover, rubber valve stems will last upto 6 to 10 years. But the battery on the TPMS sensor will last upto 6 to 10 years. This implies that you can replace the TPMS sensor with the TPMS valve stems. But check first which sensor will be lasting more. With this, you must be wondering about the TPMS valve core? So, it is a small piece of metal that is used as a thread in the tire valve stem. Thus, this is the core that helps the tires to keep inflated.

Meanwhile, TPMS valve stems are constructed of more durable metals than rubber, such as brass, copper, or aluminum. Hence, it is safe to assume that they will last as long as conventional valve stems, if not longer. Also, before replacing the TPMS sensor with the TPMS valve stems, make sure they are working efficiently.


Even if your valve stems are still in good shape, it’s a good idea to replace them when you replace your sensors. It is so because the entire system of your car will be new. Thus, you can replace the TPMS sensor with TPMS valve stems.