Going Green With Retail Packaging: All You Need To Know

Packaging has made our life so easier. It is due to all these packaging that our products which we shop online reach us safely and without any damages. Though these packages are protecting our products from damages, it is creating huge damage to our environment. Most of these packages use layers of plastic materials to keep the product safe. But these materials are toxic to the environment as they are not easily decomposable and cause harm to nature for years.

So here’s a list go green packaging options for your products:

  • Coated recycled paperboard- Paperboard is a kind of material which is thicker than regular paper and is used in packaging. Its thickness and light-weight properties make it an ideal packaging option. Coated recycled paperboard can be recycled with materials such as old containers, newspapers, boxboard clipping, and so on. This coated recycled paperboard is usually coated with a thin layer of kaolin clay to give it a finishing touch.
  • Folding boxboard- Folding boxboard packaging technique has become a boon to the eco-friendly packaging industry. This multi-layered packaging is useful for packing food, cosmetics, luxury, and many such products. It is made by sandwiching renewable fibers and then adding virgin fiber on either side. This type of packaging is used the most because it saves energy and has very less impact on the environment than any other packaging material.
  • Corrugated bubble wrap- We are sure that every one of us love to pop that traditional bubble wrap because it’s so much fun. But these wraps are not good for the environment at all. Hence, packaging companies have now started using corrugated bubble wrap, which is corrugated cardboard that creates a cushioning surface and is used as protective packaging for fragile materials. Corrugated bubble wraps are fully recyclable and manufactured from recycled and biodegradable material.
  • Recycled paper and cardboard- Though this is one of the oldest techniques, it still helps in saving the environment. Rather than using normal materials, it’s always better to use recyclable stuff. And when these materials are 100% recyclable, it’s an excellent choice as they cause low harm to the environment and are better in biodegrading.

Saving the environment is the most important thing we should all be concerned about. Hence, packaging companies like Netpak retail packaging follow these options in their packaging.