Highlights on Jewellery photography

Photography of jewellery usually means the subject shooting of jewellery made of precious metals – rings, bracelets, chains, earrings and other accessories that can be inlaid with precious or semiprecious stones. Jewellery photography is considered one of the most challenging types of subject photography, and the quality of the final result depends on the high professionalism of the photographer and editor. The photo editor will have to make use of professional photo retouching software to achieve excellence.

Commercial Photography for Jewellery 

Commercial photography of jewellery is necessary to attract potential buyers. So, it should fully disclose all the advantages of products and motivate people to make purchases. It is essential to advantageously convey the shape and texture of products, emphasize the glare in the stones.

Since most jewellery is made of polished metal, which reflects the entire environment, then when shooting, you have to use individual cones. If there are faceted stones in the frame, then the jewellery photographer needs to take additional structures and arrange the light in such a way as to make the stone beautifully “play” in the rays of light. Another difficulty when photographing jewellery is their small size. This leads to the fact that when shooting with a macro lens, we get an image that shows the slightest defects and dust particles. Putting all these factors together, we can conclude that the original photograph of jewellery needs to be seriously modified by a photo editor, and this process also takes considerable time – after all, it is necessary to clean all the defects, draw glare beautifully,

And this, not to mention the material responsibility that the jewellery photographer bears – after all, some jewellery can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can click on https://photolemur.com/color_recovery to learn more about retouching jewellery images for profitable eCommerce.