How to get rid of green water in your pool

How to get rid of green water in your pool

A green pool can come from several different factors, so it is best to determine what caused the problem in the first place. Greener pools are usually caused by poor water chemistry or too much sunlight, but this depends on the specific case. The first thing you should do is have your pool water tested. You can send it to a local lab or use the home testing kits available at your local hardware store.

If your pool has a high amount of algae, you should start by skimming the pool to remove all excess algae. It is essential to have the correct filters for the water to remain clear and clean. If you cannot maintain a clean pool due to the amount of algae, you may want to try some algae treatments to eliminate the problem. Once you have removed the excess algae, it is important to begin checking your chemical levels.

Sometimes green pool water can be cleared up by changing filters

One of the most common reasons for green pool water is debris and dirt in the filter. So even when you clean your pool, you may still have cloudy water. This is due to small particles in the water that get trapped inside your filter and sometimes cannot pass through. The cleaner your filter, the more you can help keep your pool clean, which will lead to a clearer pool.

A green pool can easily be fixed by treating the water

To clean your filter, simply remove the cartridge and brush out the insides. Do not use soaps or chemicals, as this can make it harder for the filter to work. Once the filter is cleaned, place it back into your pool and continue to keep up with maintenance. If you use a pool cover, it is very important to keep it on the pool at all times. If you remove it for long periods, the algae will begin to grow and make your water green.

A few adjustments are all it takes to make your pool water not look green

how to clean a green swimming pool

A green pool is something that many people dread and are concerned about, but there is no need for worry, as it can be fixed. You must understand why your pool is green to treat it appropriately. Learning how to clean a green swimming pool isn’t difficult, and the average homeowner can quickly become an expert. If not, don’t worry; there are more than enough skilled professionals who are more than happy to lend you a helping hand. In the end, there may be some cases where you are unable to remove all of the algae from your pool and it may become too much for you. This is the time to call a professional who will know exactly what to do to ensure that your pool remains clear and clean.

Always remember that a green pool can be treated

It’s only algae, and your pool isn’t broken forever. Once you clear up that algae, your pool will look just like new again. Once you have a green pool, the first thing you should do is determine what caused it. Next, remove any excess debris such as leaves or anything else that could be in the water. If all else fails and you cannot fix your green pool yourself, you may have to call a professional.