It’s time to reimagine, Rethink and Transform 

Singapore is one of the most convenient nations in the world for trading. This is because it provides several convenient policies for entrepreneurs to commence a new business. Apart from easy company registration procedures and fees to incorporate a company, there are numerous preferential tax policies. Here, different departments of the government will coordinate with each other to provide a more convenient and comprehensive procedure to deal with business.

It was the 16th of February 2021 when Singapore’s budget for this year was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister, Coordinating Minister for Finance, Minister for Economic policies. Singapore Budget 2021 has reflected a shift gear from the COVID-19 support to accelerate the morale of workers and firms to transform for the new normal.

Corporate Income Tax 2021: COVID- 19 Support Offers Longer Installments plans to uplift the hardest hit industries and to enhance measures to support businesses to innovate and harness the potential in the region. Moreover, to widen the employability and to deepen the skills of workforce several measures have also been declared. With that, they are expected to assemble a more cohesive and sustainable society.

Be it to bring new enhancement to the tax system to propel economic growth or to assist businesses to cope with immediate headwinds, Singapore Budget 2021 is titled toward supporting businesses and their population. To provide inclusive growth for Singapore, a greater contribution is to be made toward greater nation-building, promoting rapid digitalization, and having a fast recovery from the shock of COVID-19. Working with the same aim of digitization, Hey Sara’s digital tools coupled with our skilled and affectionate professional can help companies with their incorporation process, accounting, secretarial as well as all the taxation needs. With it, businesses will have more time to spend on managing their real business.

Immediate support of S$11 billion resilience package with S$24 billion packages to erect a vibrant commercial economy, furnish financial capital and formulate the workforce of Singapore. Concurrently these points accompany Singapore in steering through challenges and opportunities on a path to modern likelihoods.

These effective measures are taken by the government by rethinking, transforming the strategies, and reimagining processes for inclusive growth are so appreciable. A congruent reflection of its way ahead can be seen in the 3R framework proposal of KPMG. It includes the imagination, about the need a d economy of enterprise will transform for the future, how to replay our business and allow the workforce to adapt to a fast-changing reality. In the end, it included the process of recreation of Singapore as a topmost leader in struggling towards an endurable future and a Global- Asia node.

In the year 2020, its resilience a d strength were tested and proven. Being ahead of several other nations, Singapore was able to successfully open its economy. However the war against COVID-19 is far from over and as a tiny, open economy, its continuing financial comeback will require all the citizens to be both adaptable and nimble.