Refrigerated Custom Racking and Storage System – What is it and Why do you Need it? 

A refrigerated custom racking and storage system takes into account all the needs for running a business – storage, logistics, and transportation. All in all, it carries the entire business upon its shoulders. Which is why it’s even more important to pick a firm in order to perform all the work on your behalf. Only elite systems like FrigoMan refrigerated racking systems have been successful in producing such equipment models. 

We have painted a wordy picture about the effective reasons for their success. Have a look! 

They Designed a Refrigerated and Frozen Cargo Unit for Their Clients 

This one-of-a-kind of initiative by FrigoMan and Air Inuit, built in association with their partner, Meriton Industries, has resulted in the production of the Refrigerated and Frozen Aircraft Pallet Push-Back Systems. This first of its type of system has the following features and benefits. 

  • It has high speed doors that open and close within a second. This feature maintains the temperature of the storage units. 
  • It makes use of a push-back system that’s further improved by the installation of insulated panels so that all the goods remain fresh while the cargo is in the storage facility. 

Its benefits that are worth a praise are listed below. 

  • All the refrigerated units are highly efficient – they maintain the low as well as high temperature because of the insulated panels and roll up doors that open and close swiftly. 
  • The space in the newly designed facility can accommodate more cargos. The best thing is that it does so while attaining a high operational efficiency. 

Quite clearly, this system will save time and money for you as well as your clients.

Now comes the reasons why you should take an aid of such services by FrigoMan. We have listed the most elemental ones in the guide below. 

  • They can design systems in accordance to your needs. In other words, their designs can be easily customized upon request. 
  • They can build units for all refrigeration handling systems like walk in coolers and freezers for all kinds of industries – food, pharmacy, and institutional. 
  • They not just manufacture the systems, they install them in your facility as well.
  • You can store maximum products in minimum space. That means, more cargos can fit in limited space. It leads to a lot of monetary benefit in the end. 

All in all, the FrigoMan refrigerated racking and storing systems are the must have pieces that will help in increasing your profit.