Registering Company in India Now Easier

Registering company in India is confusing for many, given that there is no online registration, and a lot of officialities. This has been true especially for foreigners, as again, depending on where you visit to register your firm, there can also be language barriers

Rules for Foreign Direct Investments

India has been growing tremendously as an economy, and the past decade has been revolutionary for the business sector. Rules and officialities have been streamlined, taxes are going down, and foreigners are being given more opportunities.

Before a decade or so, 100% foreign ownership was non-existent. These days, foreigners can completely own a company in various sectors including on railways, hospitality, healthcare, etc. The list is expanding.

In your sector too, even if complete foreign ownership isn’t available for the time being, the rules may change. So, if you are an international investor, the idea would be to connect with a business advisor who could help you with the analysis and accurate predictions.

Furthermore, you need a business advisor you could trust and who knows about the global business society, as they can also give an insight and comparison of India as an investor’s destination as compared to other jurisdictions. Finally, they could also help to register a company.

These days, you can find a lot of business advisors who can guide you. As said before, India is slowly becoming an investor’s hub, and established Corporate Service Providers- even 3E have commenced their services in the country with their new branch 3E Accounting India.

Registration is More Straightforward with Professional Assistance

In India, you need to register as a director, and only then the company registration begins. Add to that the plethora of documents, applications, and other paperwork, and you will be busy for days only to know about the registrars you need to visit. If you want to register yourself, you will also have to visit India.

These days, with various CSRs being available, you will find a lot of services providing India Company Incorporation Services. They make the registration as simple as it can get; all you need to do is state your requirements, and they will register your company for you.