Seamless Steel Pipes Vs ERW Pipes: Which is better?

ERW in steel pipes stands for Electric Resistance Welded. The other equally sought-after steel pipe that’s almost as old and popular as the ERW steel pipe is the seamless steel pipe. The most common question that people have is which of the two is better and what is the difference between the two.

So, in this guide, we have covered the most crucial differences between the two types and also the facts that would explain which of the two is better. Dive in to explore all the details!

ERW Steel Pipes and Seamless Steel Pipes – What is the Difference?

  1. The Manufacturing Methods are Different

The main reason that these two pipes are different from each other despite they’re both steel pipes is that they’re manufactured differently.

ERW steel pipes are crafted using a coiled steel ribbon that’s known as a Skelp in engineering terms. The skelp can be cut into any length that you want. It’s then made to pass through a rolling machine that uses a high-frequency electric current to melt the steel so that it takes a spherical shape. The most obvious benefit of these steel pipes is that they do not have any weld bend.

The Seamless Steel pipes, on the other hand, are crafted using rectangular blocks of steel that are known as billets. A Mandrel is then used to create a hole in the center of the billets while they’re still hot. That hole is expanded until it reaches the desired dimensions that are required.

  1. The Purpose is Different

The seamless steel pipes are specifically used and designed for high-pressure and high-temperature purposes such as power generation and gas and oil passage. The ERW steel pipes, on the other hand, can be used for every purpose (commercial as well as residential such as fencing) as long as they remain well within the limits of pressure and temperature that they are designed to withstand.

  1. Miscellaneous Differences that Matter a Lot

If you ask industry experts about which of the two steel pipes is better, there won’t be a definite answer. That’s because the purpose of the pipe determines which one is better for you. On that note, some differences that might help you choose the right option are as follows.

  1. The ERW steel pipes are cheaper than seamless steel pipes.
  2. The seamless steel pipes usually do not require heat treatment after they’re manufactured. ERW steel pipes, on the other hand, require heat treatment.

However, by no means can it be concluded that ERW steel pipes are weaker than seamless steel pipes. As we already said, if the pressure and temperature won’t exceed the limits that ERW pipes are manufactured to handle, they will be just as durable as seamless steel pipes.

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