Signs It’s Time to Look into Work Injury Attorneys

Workplace injuries are surprisingly common, yet few workers know what their rights are following a serious accident. The good news is, injured workers are almost always entitled to employer-provided medical treatment and disability pay that covers their full recovery periods. The bad news is, many employers know that workers are ignorant to this fact, so they’ll go out of the way to deny benefits even when employees are legitimately entitled to receive them.

In theory, the process of reporting a work-related injury and filing a claim for worker’s compensation should be easy, and in some cases, it is. However, the claim filing process doesn’t always go as smoothly as it should. Work injury attorneys represent employees from all walks of life and careers, supporting workers’ rights and helping clients get the compensation and medical care they need. Read on to find out about a few signs it’s time to think about hiring a workman’s compensation attorney.

Trouble with Employers or Insurance Companies

Any injured worker who is having trouble with employers or insurance companies failing to uphold their end of the deal should contact a lawyer. Sometimes, insurance companies deny legitimate claims. Others, injured workers have their claims approved, only to find that their employers never start sending their disability compensation. The best course of action is always to hire a lawyer who can help.

Retaliation Against a Claim

Employers cannot legally retaliate against injured workers who file workman’s compensation claims. Despite that fact, it’s common to hear stories about workers who have been demoted, had their hours cut, or have even been fired right after following a claim. If that happens, the injured worker should seek legal help immediately. A worker’s compensation attorney may be able to help the injured party seek just compensation and even punitive damages.

Failure to Pay for All Necessary Care

When workers are injured on the job, employees aren’t just obligated to send them to the hospital for emergency care. They must cover all the expenses associated with the worker’s medical recovery, including both emergency care and follow-ups at the hospital or physicians’ offices. The employer must also pay for any necessary lab tests and medications related to the accident. If the employer wants to pick and choose what bills to pay, a workman’s comp lawyer can help the injured employee sort everything out so he or she doesn’t wind up footing the bills.

Delayed Benefits

Just like injured workers only have a certain amount of time to file worker’s compensation claims, employers must respond to those claims in a timely manner. Usually, the employer has a week to report the injury to its worker’s compensation insurance provider. From there, the claim will be either approved or denied. If it’s approved, a check should be in the mail within two weeks. Delays in benefits can seriously affect an injured worker’s ability to recover, so don’t hesitate to call a lawyer.

The Bottom Line

All workers are entitled to receive adequate medical care and compensation following workplace injuries. When employers refuse to respect workers’ rights, it can severely hinder their recoveries. Hiring a lawyer is always the right thing to do in these circumstances.