The Harms of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has been used in numerous industries to cut items from wood all the way to diamonds. As the popularity of the laser cutting technology increases, so does its demand in every sector. It can be seen even in schools and with hobbyists.

Laser beams can prove to be hazardous to health as it releases laser-generated air contaminants. These harmful emissions are mainly associated with the 4-grade lasers. The chemicals and vapors that are released by the laser beam after colliding with material could prove to cause many diseases to the human body.

Health effects of laser cutter fumes

The health effects of the laser beam exposure mostly depends on the level of exposure you have to the laser beam and the equipment you use for protection. The fumes emitted by the laser cutting equipment could result in several respiratory issues like asthma and also can affect the central nervous system.

The temperatures around the laser beam are high and therefore expand the air and release it upwards; this expanded air contains harmful particles that, if inhaled, can result in a lot of health hazards.

The particles released mainly depends on the type of material that is being cut or engraved; this releases various toxins that thereby causes health issues. The use of IP SystemsLaser Fume Extractorsis vital for the health and well-fare of the people who make sure of the laser cutter. Laser fume extractors will ensure to extract the harmful particles released from the laser beam and thereby makes it much safer to work in.

For the filtration of the air, multiple filters might be needed to be installed so as to attain proper purification of the air and increase the air quality.HVAC systems can be used as extractors to cleanse the area of the toxic fumes.

You need to ensure that the filtration system is marked up with the government regulations and guidelines and that the equipment will ensure safety in the workspace. Go through all the options available and go for the best one based on your requirement.


Business and schools, whatever it may be that makes use of the laser cutter must have specialised laser fume extractors to protect the people who use it from the harmful fumes and particles that are released. With a proper system in place, everyone can ensure to get a proper environment to work on.