The Many Aspects of Road Safety During Construction

Road construction, as profitable as it is, is a work that comes with a plethora of responsibilities. You are responsible for the safety of everybody and everything on the road – vehicles, construction staff and workers, as well as pedestrians. And as simple as it might sound, you can’t just adopt 1 or 2 methods and expect everything to run smoothly. Ergo, irrespective of the fact whether it’s a small project or an entirely big one, the requirements are essentially the same. 

Considering many such factors, we have made this guide that’ll help construction companies to carry out their work in the most efficient and safe manner. 

Have a look! 

  1. The Assigning of Signal Controllers 

Capital Traffic is one of the best service providers that will assign experienced signal controllers at your construction site. These patrollers are the safest people you can rely upon. They not just help in diverting the traffic to a safe lane, they also help with the planning and placement of signboards at places from where they’ll have maximum visibility. 

  1. Supplying Traffic Control Devices

Whether it’s road markings that you need or parking control and even the TC-54’s, this firm makes all such devices available at the best possible rates. 

  1. Providing Signboards and Barricades of all Kinds 

Signboards and barricades are the soul of every road construction project for the purpose of safety of everyone. 

The different kinds of signboards that they provide include:

  • Diversion 
  • Construction ahead 
  • Detour 
  • Lane change 
  • Accident prone area 
  • Temporary construction 
  • Drive slowly

The different kinds of barricades that they provide include:

  • Traffic cones 
  • Drum barricades
  • Barricade flashers 
  • Heavy duty interlocking barricades to block roads and divert traffic
  • Barricade swing gates
  • Delineators

Having said that, only a few elite firms like Capital Traffic are trustworthy business partners. Some of the features that segregate such firms from the many other mediocre firms are listed below. 

  1. They offer site inspection and site management services to ensure the safety of your workers day and night. 
  2. They have a fair pricing system with no hidden policies.
  3. They are extremely responsive and will get back to you with immediate solutions and suggestions to solve any problem that you might face. 
  4. They understand the importance of completion of projects in time. Which is why they extend bulk services at a go to help you keep up with the timeline.

Nevertheless, you can also visit their website, in order to find out more about them and contact them for any other detail that you might require before hiring them.