Tips to send gift baskets in Toronto


  • If possible, plan.

If you’ve decided on a basket theme, start shopping early and keep an eye out for bargains. Is it possible to go shopping after the holidays when everything is on sale? Look for products at discounts and, if feasible, use coupons. For obtaining a coupon while standing in line to check out, I use the Retail Me Not website and app. I’ve also been using Ebates to receive cashback on my internet purchases. It’s incredible what you can discover at a deep price in the internet sale area. Why not get paid while doing so?

  • Consider alternatives to the traditional approach.

You don’t have to stay with a standard basket for your gift basket. For the kitchen, culinary, or baking themes, think colorful bowls, colanders, pots, and skillets. For college students and new homeowners, laundry baskets and cleaning buckets are ideal. For kids’ gifts, consider toy carts or wagons. When used to contain a lot of tiny objects, large glass jars with lids look great. Interesting containers can also be found in vintage crates or home d├ęcor objects. Use your imagination as you go throughout the store.

  • Create a strong foundation.

When you are to send gift baskets in Toronto, it’s preferable to raise the goods in the container rather than placing them low in the basket. This may be accomplished in several ways. Bubble wrap, tissue paper, crumbled newspaper, and basket filler are excellent options if your container is shallow. You may also utilize boxes to add height to a deeper container. I repurposed the packaging from the mason jar mugs for the summer entertaining basket seen above. If the receiver chose to keep the mugs in the box, it was ideal and a win-win.

  • Choose from a range of sizes and textures for your gifts.

Use a variety of colors, textures, and sizes in your gift basket to add interest. I always like to put in a couple of additional tiny items to fill in the gaps.

  • Place your tall things at the rear of the truck.

Work the smaller things in the front and the taller items at the rear to give all of your products a chance to be noticed.

  • If you are wrapping

Not everyone has to wrap up gift baskets. Wrap your basket in cellophane and attach a beautiful bow if you want to fancy up it. Use the ribbon or a cleaner if you tie the cellophane off, then tug at it to tighten it up. Do not want a bow? Do not want a bow? I used raffia and a huge wood button as a focal point on a rustic basket to tie down the top of the cellophane.