What is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing, otherwise known as furnished corporate housing is perfect for those employees that are going on a work trip and would rather not stay in a regular hotel. Hotel expenses can also add up pretty quickly for both the company and the employee who is traveling. Corporate housing, on the other hand, is fully furnished and is available to rent on a temporary basis. All employees need to do is simply bring their suitcase and some food to store in the fridge.

On average, employees stay in corporate housing anywhere between two to three months at a time. This is typically longer than a regular business trip. There are even some employers that will require a minimum of at least 14 to 30 days in corporate housing. You can find them located within condominiums or apartment buildings. However, single-family homes may also be an option depending on certain factors.

Who Uses Corporate Housing?

Business travelers are the main type of users to use corporate housing. Many industries use corporate lodging since it has gained much popularity. It is also highly beneficial for relocating employees such as corporate executives.

Here are some of the most common industries that use corporate housing for their employees:

  • Entertainment –film crews & stage performers
  • Healthcare- travel nurses
  • Finance/Banking- auditors
  • Technology- programmers who are contracted
  • Professionals services- consultants
  • Energy- Oil & gas workers
  • Manufacturing & Construction

Many interns, both business and medical interns also make great use of corporate housing. All it takes is a one time fee that will take care of everything instead of arranging for furniture, utilities, etc. Homeowners can also benefit from corporate housing if they are displaced temporarily due to natural causes such as a fire.

Benefits of Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is similar to apartments and houses. They give employees the ability to have much-needed privacy followed by features that can only be found in your home. Having the luxury of being able to stay in corporate housing means that you do not have to eat out every night for dinner. This is because most corporate housing features full kitchens along with the necessary cooking utensils such as pots and dishes. Corporate housing is also located in residential settings. Corporate housing also comes fully furnished including utilities. Employees will have to be able to take advantage of the internet, washer/dryers, bedroom linens, and much more. Housekeeping services are also provided additionally.


Furnished corporate housing definitely has its perks. It is more luxurious than a regular home and also way less expensive. Employees are provided with everything they need making it similar to their very own private apartment.