Who Will Pay For Your Injuries After A Truck Accident

We all know how devastating a truck accident is. You will be considered lucky if you come out of the truck accident alive with minor injuries. But you will still face costly medical bills along with lost wages and suffering. One serious accident will lead to worry for your family’s financial future. 

One of the most common questions people ask is who will pay for the injuries after a truck accident. Well, it depends on who was at fault and several other factors. You should hire Palmdale Lancaster truck accident lawyers if you are involved in a truck accident.

Who will pay for your injuries after a truck accident

When dealing with truck accident cases, you have to keep in mind that the insurance companies do not have the best interests in mind. They will use every little trick to lower your compensation amount. Be aware that it will not take much time when the trucking company’s insurance adjuster calls you for a recorded statement.

An insurance company may approach you in a friendly, harmless, and helpful manner. You may want to tell them your side of the story, but anything you speak can be leveraged against you. You may accidentally admit fault, and once you do that while making a recorded statement, you can not retract it. 

The best thing you can do is consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer and refrain from giving any statement to the insurer adjuster.

A thorough investigation will be necessary to determine who will pay for your injuries after a truck accident. One or more parties can be held liable for the crash.

  • The truck driver

The truck may have caused the accident because of negligent driving. Negligent behavior includes distracted driving, fatigue, or overspeeding. A truck driver is also responsible for ensuring the proper loading of cargo.

  • Cargo loader

Some carriers may work as contractors to supervise the cargo shipping for other companies. If the accident occurred due to some problems with cargo, the cargo shipper, originator, transporter, and loader would be held responsible. 

  • Carrier

The trucking company is responsible for the vehicles and truck drivers they put on the road. It includes training them for minimum hours. If the truck carrier company does not teach the driver properly to drive on highways and causes an accident, the carrier company will be held responsible.

  • Truck manufacturer

Sometimes accidents may occur due to defective parts present in the truck at manufacturing. If an accident is caused by a significant defective part of a truck, the truck company or manufacturer will be held responsible.