Why Distracted Walking Is As Dangerous As Distracted Driving 

There are a lot of upsides to walking. Walking helps you stay fit and prevents a sedentary lifestyle. However, it can also become a nightmare for you if you do not keep away your distractions. Whether you use your phone or eat a sandwich, multitasking while walking on the streets is dangerous. While walking, you should only pay attention to the road. 

Many are aware of the dangers of distracted driving, but people rarely acknowledge how dangerous distracted walking can be. It is one of the leading causes of pedestrian accidents in the US. If you were involved in a distracted walking car accident, you should immediately contact a louisville personal injury attorney to understand your options. 

What is a distracted walker?

Anyone who walks down the streets or crosses the road in Louisville without paying attention to their surroundings is a distracted walker. Most of them are either found texting on their phone, listening to music, or even reading a book. It is easy to divert your attention while walking, but they can make it harder to notice dangers in your path. 

What are some dangers on the path?

Most people do not think that they are going to encounter an obstacle on their path, which is why they give in to their distractions. However, there are countless dangers that can result in injuries. For example, an uneven section on the pavement, someone else’s feet in the path, or an unattended toy can make you trip and hurt yourself. 

Tripping over a hazard can cause broken bones, concussions, head trauma, and back or neck injuries. Sometimes you may come in the path of a moving vehicle, resulting in more catastrophic injuries or even death. When a car collides with a pedestrian, the latter will suffer from severe and permanent injuries. 

Is distracted walking as dangerous as distracted driving?

The potential for injury in both cases is equal. In both cases, you are not only putting yourself at risk but others as well. As a walker, it is your responsibility to be aware of your surroundings and have all your senses on high alert. 

The road is not safe for anyone until people start acting responsibly. It can be tempting to want to go for a run and listen to your favorite music at the same time. If you wish to do so, it is recommended that you go hiking or run in a park rather than on the streets. 

Contact an attorney today if you have suffered from a distracted walking accident.